• Anthony Witman
    Anthony Witman

    Anthony Witman is the company’s Owner and President. His primary role is supervising various aspects of the business including property management, employee training, quality control, communication and project implementation. Anthony is also a highly qualified repair technician and will handle many after-hour emergencies. Witman’s experience comes from a diverse background including an Associate’s degree in automobile mechanics and a Masters degree in mechanical engineering. Anthony began servicing rental properties for landlords in 2004 and purchased his first multifamily rental property in 2005.

  • Jenna Snyder
    Jenna Snyder

    Jenna Snyder is the company’s Vice President and has been with the company for over 8 years. Jenna has a Bachelor’s degree in architecture and urban planning from Smith College, and has been working in the construction/ design/ management field since 2003. Some of her duties at Witman Properties Inc. includes managing all aspects of the company’s finances, overseeing payroll compliance, receivership accounting reports, general accounting, maintaining insurance and licensure, as well as providing human resources.

  • Lynette Moreno
    Lynette Moreno Account Manager

    Lynette Moreno is bilingual English-Spanish. Lynette interfaces directly with clients answering any questions they have, gathering information for them and monitoring the performance of their properties. Lynette supervises much of the office’s routine administrative work including monitoring rent role and evictions, entering and paying routine bills and issuing owner rent distributions. She has been with the company for over 3 years.

  • Michael Morin
    Michael Morin Marketing Director

    Michael is a native Western Masser, meaning he freely uses words like “wicked” to emphasize adjectives. His background is originally in Political Science and Media Arts (UMass, Amherst/Greenfield Community College respectively). His advertising mantra is 1.) Don’t lie. 2.) Keep it simple. Wicked simple, right? When he’s not warping our minds with propaganda, he enjoys photography, restoring his Mid-Century Modern ranch house, using pretentious phrases like Mid-Century Modern, and going on impromptu swims in the Connecticut River after work.

  • Rachael Quinlan
    Rachael Quinlan Leasing Manager

    Rachael holds a batchelor’s degree in history from Mount Holyoke College, as well as a Juris Doctor degree from Western New England University. Having practiced housing law from the perspectives of both the landlord and tenant, Rachael’s experience in the realm of leasing and property management is diverse. Some of her duties at Witman Properties Inc. include dispute mediation, managing evictions, tenant screening, as well as property marketing.

  • Gisela Gonzalez-Glanville
    Gisela Gonzalez-Glanville Real Estate Agent & Property Manager

    Gisela Gonzalez-Glanville is a licensed Real Estate Agent and Property Manager. She is bilingual English-Spanish. Gisela is responsible for the application screenings, apartment showings as well as their leasing. Going on approximately 3 years at Witman Properties Inc., she is well-equipped with the experience, and social perceptiveness necessary to be one of our two licensed real estate agents.

  • Jalicia Arthur
    Jalicia Arthur Accounting Assistant
  • Linda Caisse
    Linda Caisse Assistant Property Manager

    Linda is a Jackie-of-all-trades. When she’s not fielding high volume phone calls about rental inquiries, or crossing T’s and dotting I’s on applicants’ paperwork, she’s spreading her positive energy around the office and paying due homage to her Italian/Puerto Rican heritage by reminding us to enjoy life and eat well.

  • Matthew Koske
    Matthew Koske

    Matthew Koske is the company’s Lead Carpenter and Project Supervisor. He has 15 years of construction experience and he specializes in roofing, siding, de-leading, flooring and construction repairs. Matthew is an integral part of our emergency response team and one of our primary onsite contacts for city building code and housing inspections.

  • Michael Madden
    Michael Madden

    Michael Madden is the company’s Maintenance Supervisor. He manages and directs incoming calls for repairs and maintenance. Michael records, dispatches and monitors all of the daily maintenance requests. He performs routine inspections to properties and communicates repair issues to both clients and residents.

  • Viamaris Mateo
    Viamaris Mateo Administrative Assistant

    Viamaris Mateo is the company’s Receptionist. She is bilingual English-Spanish, and the one most likely to directly interact with residents who visit or call the office. Viamaris is a jack of all office trades: she collects rent, resolves complaints, manages interpersonal issues between residents, prepares and sends notices to tenants for access or lease violations, translates documents from English to Spanish, schedules utility transfers, scans and files documents, and more.

  • Abigail Vasquez
    Abigail Vasquez

    Abigail Vasquez is a landscaping Crew Chief. He has been with Witman Properties Inc since 2013 and is bilingual English-Spanish. He currently manages several crews tasked with mowing, grounds keeping, snow removal and trash removal throughout Hampden and Hampshire County. He has demonstrated a high degree of quality and accuracy in his work and has helped develop systems for the proper photo documentation of routine services.

  • Alex Lopez
    Alex Lopez

    Alex Lopez is our company’s lead maintenance technician. Alex is bilingual English-Spanish and specializes in responding to daily service calls and emergencies. He has been with the company since 2013 and has over 10 years of experience in the maintenance field. He plays an important role in working onsite with our Spanish speaking residents and supervising Spanish speaking maintenance employees.

  • Alysia Ocasio
    Alysia Ocasio Accounting Assistant

    Alysia has an Associates Degree in Business Management and is skilled in the fine arts of data entry. Her primary role in the accounting department is making sure billing for labor and materials is accurate and up-to-date. She also makes a mean “Ugly Christmas Sweater” that will take top prize at any Holiday Party.

  • Additional employees
    Additional employees

    Colt Tarbox (landscaper/carpenter)
    Christopher Motta (licensed construction supervisor)
    Zachary Lavin (landscaper/snow removal technicians)
    Victor Santiago (maintenance technician)
    Belestein Lopez, Obdulio Vasquez, Victor Martinez,
    Frank Collado (landscaping, grounds keeping, general labor)