3 Myrtle Ave is a single-family residence with approximately 2600 sqft of living space on 8acres of land. The rehabilitation of 3 Myrtle Ave in Williamsburg included major grounds cleanup, complete interior remodeling including and mechanical updating. A septic system designed by Hilltown Enviornmental Consulting was installed by J&J&Son excavation, structural design work was done by Jacob Smith Engineering and Design, and legal work by Lyon and Fitzpatrick LLP. Interior renovations included new all new Pella windows and Jeldwen doors from Home Depot. We saved money on solid hardwood Hickory flooring from Hatfield Lumber Liquidators, new kitchen cabinets and countertops were designed Kitchens of Distinction in West Springfield. New electrical service and circuit breakers were installed by City Side Power and a new high efficiency Rinnai propane fired boiler was installed and warrantied by NGM Mechanical Services.

Use the below slider to view our work, slider the center bar left or right to view before and after images.

  • Before-3 Myrtle Ave 1
    After-3 Myrtle Ave 1
    Before 3 Myrtle Ave 1 After
  • Before-3 myrtle 2
    After-3 myrtle 2
    Before 3 myrtle 2 After
  • Before-3 Myrtle Ave 3
    After-3 Myrtle Ave 3
    Before 3 Myrtle Ave 3 After
  • Before-3 Myrtle Ave 4
    After-3 Myrtle Ave 4
    Before 3 Myrtle Ave 4 After
  • Before-3 Myrtle Ave 5
    After-3 Myrtle Ave 5
    Before 3 Myrtle Ave 5 After
  • Before-3 Myrtle Ave 6
    After-3 Myrtle Ave 6
    Before 3 Myrtle Ave 6 After
  • Before-3 Myrtle Ave 7
    After-3 Myrtle Ave 7
    Before 3 Myrtle Ave 7 After
  • Before-3 Myrtle Ave 9
    After-3 Myrtle Ave 9
    Before 3 Myrtle Ave 9 After
  • Before-3 Myrtle Ave 10
    After-3 Myrtle Ave 10
    Before 3 Myrtle Ave 10 After
  • Before-3 Myrtle Ave 11
    After-3 Myrtle Ave 11
    Before 3 Myrtle Ave 11 After
  • Before-3 Myrtle Ave 12
    After-3 Myrtle Ave 12
    Before 3 Myrtle Ave 12 After